Advice from Stefan Bucher

Lately, I've taken to watching lectures from the Walker Channel's archives, and have really been enjoying them. So far, I've only watched graphic design ones, but there are some architecture ones and others that I'd like to go back to.

One of the most recent ones I've watched is a lecture by Stefan Bucher, which was at the Walker Art Center at the end of this past March.What is most fascinating to me about these designers' lectures is each person's attitude towards their work. In particular, I like hearing about what these designers do to get the work they love to do, and what they do to get around or get out of doing the work they cannot stand.

I particularly liked Bucher's lecture because he had some great advice for students in the Q&A after the lecture. Here are a couple quotes I liked hearing, perhaps mostly because it helps me feel justified in what I have done over the last month or so (or lack thereof). If you watch the lecture, or part of it, this question is around 1:31:30 in the video.

"I really strongly urge you to just sit down for a month and say, 'ok, no decisions until the end of the month.'"
"Don't just take a job to take a job. If it takes you a few extra months to find the right first job, that's really worth it because your first job determines a lot about your portfolio."