Nathaniel Rateliff

Two weeks ago, I made the trek out to Maquoketa, Iowa with a few good friends for Daytrotter's Barnstormer III tour. Daytrotter is phenomenal at picking great bands, and I was totally enthused by the fact that Ra Ra Riot and Delta Spirit were the main bands for this tour.

Overall, I think it may be one of the best shows I've ever been to. It was filled with great people, and there must have been something about going to hang out in barns in the middle of nowhere that added a little extra charm and magic to the whole evening. (Someone posted these great pictures from the evening, that are definitely worth a peek, wish I took 'em).

The best surprise for the evening, though, was Nathaniel Rateliff. His performance of "Shroud" completely blew me out of the water. Luckily, someone caught it on video. I'd also highly recommend downloading his Daytrotter session.

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