I got a request from an uncle for a graduation announcement. Until then, I hadn't planned on sending any out since my family is small, so I wouldn't be sending many out. But, after the request, I decided I might as well have a little fun with it and try to do something with screen printing like I played with last summer.

So, I busied my exacto blade and started cutting letters out of newsprint (I didn't realize until after I started how annoying creating a paper stencil to block the ink that was all text was going to be until after I started).

After cutting and fussing, I finally tried to pull a couple little prints. BUT, my stencil totally failed. The newsprint was just too weak. Last year, I thought my black ink might just be too runny, which is why it didn't work well, but I think that it was the newsprint. I had thought it would work the same as newspaper, but such was not the case. I guess now I know I have to use a much sturdier paper... and that maybe type isn't the most fun thing to do using this method of makeshift screenprinting.

test print.. not great, but I thought I'd keep going anyway

total disaster!

DOUBLE FAIL: I put MFA instead of BFA. probably good this didn't work out, then, huh...

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